Johanna Alarcón (1992) is a freelance photojournalist and educator in Ecuador.

Her work focuses on social, cultural, human rights and gender-related issues. She is a Member of Fluxus Foto, Women Photographs and PH Museum. Her work has been published in: New York Times Lens Culture, Folha Sao Paulo International, El Pais, Bex Magazine, Lifestyle Magazine, The Spacebar, Media Ninja, Faction Latina, Community Press.

Johanna attended the 2019 New York Times portfolio review and is a Joop Swart Masterclass nominee.  

Johanna's recognitions include the Everyday Projects Mentorship Award, 6×6 Global Talent, Afroamericanos award (Ecuador), and the Juan Antonio Serrano photojournalism award. She received an Honorable Mention in the photobook competition RM. Mentor in 20 Photographers Campament.

Currently, she works on assignments, teaching and her personal projects.

2019 – Selected participant /New York Times Portfolio Review / USA
2019 – Nominee/ Joop Swart Masterclass /World Press Photo Foundation (Amsterdam)
2019 – Selected participant/ Women Photograph
2019 – Collective exhibition / Arde (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
2018 – Mentee/ Everyday Projects Mentorship
2018 – Member / Fotógrafas Latinoamericanas
2018 – Winner / Afroamericans Projects/ AECID (Ecuador)
2018 – Selected tutor/ 20 photographers Campament (Concepción, Bolivia)
2018 – Collective exhibition /Lumix Festival / Native Agency (Hannover, Germany)
2018 – Collective exhibition /Foto Albúm ( Cuenca-Guayaquil, Ecuador)
2018 – Collective exhibition /“Back to the Market”/ Museum Fundation (Quito, Ecuador)
2018 – Collective exhibition/ ”Contaminados: Lo popular del arte”/ Anthropological Museum of Contemporary Art (Guayaquil, Ecuador)
2018 – Collective exhibition/ The 3×8 Behind the city/ Cumandá Urban Park (Quito, Ecuador)
2017 – Nominee/ 6×6 Global Talent Program / World Press Photo Foundation (Amsterdam)
2017 – Jury/ Juan Antonio Serrano photojournalism award (students, category)
2017 – Collective exhibition/ “Ciudades Visibles”/ Metropolitan Cultural Center (Quito, Ecuador)
2017 – Selected participant/ “Visión y Expresión Fotográfica” Workshop / Gihan Tubbet – Festival Gabo (Medellín,Colombia)
2017 – Winner / Arts and cultural projects / Cultural Secretary (Quito, Ecuador)
2017 – Honor mention/ RM Photobook Contest / RM Editorial (Spain)
2016 – Member/ Photographic Museum of Humanity
2016 – Winner / Juan Antonio Serrano photojournalism Award (Ecuador)
2016 – Collective publication/ FLUZ Quito/ RM Editorial (Spain)
2016 – Collective exhibition/ “Mujeres Sanadoras” (Quito, Ecuador)
2016 – Collective exhibition/ “Espiritualidades” / USFQ & Museums Fundation (Quito, Ecuador)
2016 – Collective exhibition/ “Sucede cuando callamos” (Quito, Ecuador)
2015 – Photo Intervention / ELLA Encuentro Latinoamericano de Mujeres (Cochabamba, Bolivia)
2015 – Talker / Young TED-ex (Quito, Ecuador)

Johis Alarcon Photography

Johis Alarcon is a female Ecuadorian photojournalist whose work is focused on socio-cultural humanitarian and gender issues, primarily in Latin America.
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