World Press Photo: 6x6 South America Talent

6x6 South America Talent: Johis Alarcón

Bloomberg: Why Latin America’s Bloody Protests Won’t Die Out Anytime Soon

Economic inequality, ethnic tensions and police brutality gnaw away at social cohesion. Ecuador Unrest. 2019

Bloomberg: Ecuador Unrest

Ecuador´s Scorned Indigenous Rise Up as Moreno´s Biggest Threat

La Barra Espaciadora: La cárcel más allá de las rejas

Families behind bars. Collateral victims of a failed system. 2019

Media Ninja: Povos indígenas do Equador en marcha

Povos indígenas do Equador em marcha. 2015

Mundo Diners: Familias tras las rejas. Las víctimas colaterales de un sistema fallido

Families behind bars. Collateral victims of a failed system. 2019

Huck Magazine: Spirituality and storytelling in Afro-Ecuadorian communities

Spirituality and storytelling in Afro-Ecuadorian communities.  2nd Annual Latin America Photo Festival organized by Bronx Documentary Center.

Courrier Magazine: De l’Afrique à l’Équateur

Afro-ecuadorian spirituality. Cimarrona 2019.

The New York Times: Afro-Ecuadorian maintain identity through spiritual practices

Afro-Ecuadoreans Maintain Identity Through Spiritual Practices. 2019

Johis Alarcon Photography

Johis Alarcon is a female Ecuadorian photojournalist whose work is focused on socio-cultural humanitarian and gender issues, primarily in Latin America.
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